Story Formed:
What we believe about God is at the heart of what we believe also about each other, ourselves, and creation: that ultimately everything is part of one great story. We believe that God has been writing a story of hope and redemption for all the world. His story is a movement from creation to new creation, and he has given us a role to play in that story, in the restoration of our relationships with God, each other, ourselves, and creation.
We believe God inspired the authors of Scripture by his Spirit to speak to all generations of believers, including us today. God calls us to immerse ourselves in this authoritative narrative communally and individually to faithfully interpret and live out that story today as we are led by the Spirit of God.
We believe that All who repent of their sins and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior are forgiven, and are regenerated by the Holy Spirit to form the living Body of Christ, of which He is the head and of which we are all members.
Baptism and Communion:
We believe that Jesus Christ committed two ordinances to the Church: Water Baptism, which is an outward sign of the inner act of accepting Jesus as your Lord, and Communion which is done in remembrance of what Jesus did for us on the Cross. We believe that both are available to all believers.