Phyllis Fitzgerald Home
In the fall of 1988, Chuck and Liz Wolfinbarger moved to Franklin, Ohio and began attending the Cincinnati Vineyard that was led by Steve Sjogren. After some time there, Chuck and Liz felt led of God to begin a Vineyard in the Mid-Miami Valley. Being from this area, they felt a special love for the people, and came with a vision to heal and train "sheep without a shepherd."  In January 1989, we started our first small group in the home of Phyllis Fitzgerald.
We started our first Sunday night service in Nov. 1989 in the Franklin Square office complex.

This is also when we started our ministry of taking food to the poor of the area.
Food Ministry to the Poor
Franklin Square
On Nov. 4, 1990 we had our first Sunday Morning service, also at Franklin Square.
September 1992, we started outreaching at the River Days festival and cleaning the streets after it was over.
River Days
Old Free Store
In March 1993, we opened the Vineyard Downtown. It is a store where people can shop for clothes, food, and small appliances, but everything is free. We have helped thousands since its opening.
In August 1993, we moved to the Adessa Auto Auction.

We also took over the summer lunch program that fed needy children during the summer.
In January 1998, we merged with the Northview Brethren Life church,
became the Vineyard Community Church, and moved into our current building.

We spent the next few years remodeling the building for our use,
then opened the Vineyard Cafe on Christmas Eve in 2001.
On January 6th 2008, we dedicated the Vineyard Clinic. The Vineyard Clinic served people of Franklin
and the surrounding areas who had a job but had no insurance by providing free, basic health care.

Also, In June 2008, we were able to switch from renting our current property,
to purchasing our current building and property.
September of 2009, we moved our Vineyard Freestore.
The new location houses the Help Center and the Youth Center.

After remodeling the new space, we re-opened the Vineyard Downtown Help Center
on November 21st, 2009, as work continued on the Youth Center side.
On May 25th, 2010, we opened the Youth Center! The Youth Center is where our Youth have their services.
In early 2012, we obtained a larger space for the Vineyard Clinic.
This more than doubled the space we had to see patients.
On April 15, 2012, we dedicated the new space.
The Vineyard Clinic has since closed due to changes in Health Care laws.
Also in 2012, after years of the Kids ministry outgrowing their current space,
we began to look at available options to build a new Kids Building. Plans were drawn,
and we explain in this video what we want to do, and what the new space would look like.
September 8th, 2013, We announced Phase 1 to the church congregation.
Phase 1 consists of buying the raw materials and outer structure for the building's construction.
December 8th 2013, Exactly 3 months from the announcement of Phase 1,
Our first goal had been reached, and that the buildings raw materials would be delivered soon.
Feb 28th, 2014, the kids building was delivered. Still in pieces, waiting for Phase 2.
Phase 2 was announced and the goal is $86,600.
Phase 2 consists of digging the foundation and basement,
laying foundations walls, and drainage. Fundraising continues.

January 1, 2022, We launched a brand new logo, name, and website to go along with
some updating, pruning, and realignments we made as a church.
We look forward to many more years of serving the people of Franklin, Ohio
as New Vine Community Church.

New Vine Community Church